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Your Choice Live Series by Jimmy Eat World:
Some of you might be waiting for it for a long time, but now it is clear, that the Live Album of Jimmy Eat World -"live at the Blackout-Club", that was meant to be released as a part of the legendary Your Choice Live Series- Project through Green Hell Records, will never be released. After Your Choice Records and Green Hell Records had to relalize, that there were far to many differences between them to be able to work out the release in a good way and after Your Choice Records found the perfect distribution-partner for the future in Cargo Records, the band itself decided to be against the release. This makes us all very sad, the album was ready to come out, it was a high qualitiy document (sound and artwork) of the time, when Jimmy Eat World still made the small clubs sweating.
Tobby Holzinger -Your Choice Records-

Das geplante Live Album von Jimmy Eat World -"live at the Blackout-Club", das im Rahmen der Your Choice Live Series anfänglich über Green Hell Records veröffentlicht und vertrieben werden sollte, wird jetzt überhaupt nicht mehr erscheinen. Nachdem Your Choice Records und Green Hell Records keine effektive Zusammenarbeit realisieren konnten und Your Choice Records mit Cargo Records endlich den richtigen Vertriebspartner für die Zukunft gefunden hatte, entschied sich die Band ganz gegen die Veröffentlichung des Live Albums. Dies macht sicherlich nicht nur uns sehr traurig, handelte es sich doch um einen hochqualitativen Livemitschnitt aus der Zeit, in der Jimmy Eat World noch die kleinen Clubs zum Schwitzen brachten.
Tobby Holzinger -Your Choice Records-

For all those that understand the german language, here is a copy of a up to date Your Choice-labelfeature, done by Trust-Fanzine and released in Trust #89 (august 2001).


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